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  Our Softwares Characteristics:

  • Customization and Adequacy to the     Necessities of the Company
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Systems of Advanced Research
  • Exportation of Data for Other Softwares
  • Creation of Magnetic Files
  • Dynamic and Detailed Reports With Many     Options
  • Creation of Graphs
  • Security
  • Auditable
  • Attractive appearance, Pleasant and     Customizable
  • Customization and Adequacy to the Necessities of the Company:

    This is our main characteristic, to produce softwares that attend to the especific needs of our users enabling decision-making fast and secure based on solid and reliable data.

    The softwares available on the market are mostly pre-formatted and inflexible because it is designed to attend to different areas in only one product.

    Pre-formatted softwares are usually heavy and full of unnecessary tools for your business besides being too complex, a factor that requires much time and money in training staff.

    It is also common not to have one report or information that you need because it was not made to adapt to your business and it was the reason that motivated us to innovate and develop softwares that supply what you really need.

    The software is made to adapt to your company so you do not need to adapt your company to the software. Based on this we care about the costumer service, providing several ways to attend to you better by phone, email, online service and remote connections that allow us to connect to you wherever you are.